Despite the National Public Health Emergency we are still working hard. But we are teleworking. We are ready to assist you. Please call us at 472-7111 or email us at gux_fpd@fd.org.

A Patriot should always be ready to defend his country against his government

— Edward Abbey

The Office of the Federal Public Defender provides zealous and effective legal representation for indigent citizens charged with federal criminal offenses on Guam.

The office of the Federal Public Defender for the district of Guam was established in 1994, and is dedicated to the defense of indigent clients charges with federal offenses. The Federal Defender is authorized and funded pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act ("CJA"), 18 USC § 3006A, et seq.

Our caseload ranges from multi-defendant drug conspiracies, sophisticated computer crimes, international smuggling cases, and petty offenses.

The district of Guam is located in the Northwestern Pacific in the Mariana archipelago, a former Spanish colony. It is a non-incorporated territory of the United States of America. The island is approximately 209 square miles, 30 miles North to South and 1-12 miles wide. Total population is estimated at 178000.